GEAR UP – part I


It is COLD in the wintertime in Denmark – so the solution is a thick (read: warm) neoprene, on both body, hands and feet.


COLD WEATHER WETSUIT – 7,5mm Salvimar Nebula:

It is made of the wonderful “Yamamoto 39” neoprene. Made, amongst other things, of limestone. Even though it is almost like a 100% smooth skin, it is highly scratch resistant, because of the special surface, made by “burning” the very outer layer of the wetsuit.


Occasionally, it is hot in Denmark too – so, in the summertime, I switch to a 5mm.

HOT WEATHER WETSUIT – 5mm Jak Boeno Thermoskin:

It too is made of the Yamamoto 39 neoprene.

I also have this suit in 7mm, which I use mainly in places, where the smooth skin Salvimar is to sensitive.

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