GEAR UP – part II


I mainly use this fabulous carbon speargun – a prototype of the “Ragnarok diablo Fusion”. It is a rollergun, but with the opportunity to use it with different types of elastic band set up. I use it in a Fusion1 set up. That is 18mm bands (25,5cm) on the underside, and 20mm (18cm) on the upper side. Connected with 1,5mm Dyneema, instead of having one long rubber, reaching around on both sides. To make this possible, the Roisub head “PrismaTS” is used.

The gun is a 75’er, Sigalsub trigger, with a 8mm Sandvik spear. In the wintertime, where the rubber becomes a bit more stiff, I use the same speargun with a 6,5mm Sigalsub spear.

Most of the time, the gun is mounted with a Sigalsub reel – with about 30 meters 1,5mm dyneema. This is good for any “soft” fish, and for hunting on wrecks/piers etc..




I hunt in different settings – sometimes just along the beach or at a reef, but once in a while, I go on a pier, to see if I can get myself a cod or perhaps a mullet. I need a shorter speargun, that allows me to search the cracks and caves in the pier. For that, I use my old “Lanara 75” speargun. It ain’t broke, so I dont need to fix it – I have had it for many years … probably bought on a holiday trip to Greece. Equipped with 18mm elastic bands, it packs a quite ok punch, and threaded tip allows me to change the head, if I happen to hit the pier (through the fish, of course).



This is my go to gun no. 1, when hunting in low viz., on wrecks or tight aspetto/aguato on piers. It is also very good, when hunting seatrout at daytime – when you have to sneak up on the trout, and where you often have very little time to react.

The gun is a Pathos Laser Open Carbon 60 – equipped with a KMdive 40 reel, with about 30 meters 1,5mm dyneema.



This is an odd one – but there is a good reason why it came to be:

In August 2019, it became illegal to hunt with a speargun/spear at night. It is still legal however, to hunt at night, using various other kinds of tools. You are allowed to use your hands, a fishing net, or other tools – as long as they aren’t mechanically driven/propelled, and as long as they aren’t “pointy”.

This “creature”, was invented, so that it would still be possible to catch pelagic fish – such as Sea trout, Sea bass, Mullet and Cod.

It has a loop, that allow the fish to swim through it – when you pull the trigger, the loop will tighten up in a spilt second, and gives you a very tight hold on the fish. When used correctly, you can catch any fish, that you can lure into the loop.

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