GEAR UP – part III

– the FINS

Kleinsub, is a Danish high quality brand, started by Jonas Klein. They handmake spearguns, fins and finblades. Besides that, they sell a variety of other quality uv-hunt related accessories.

I use the Kleinsub V2 carbon fins – they are light weight, medium hardness blade – set up, in a Pathos “Fireblade” footpocket, with the blade in a 24 degree angle. They have enough power to shoot up from the depth in a hurry, and they are vary comfortable to use for the long haul trips as well.



Kleinsub V3 carbon – soft

I recently purchased these. They are very comfortable to wear – a little bit less effective than the medium fins, but good for the long haul trips.



I do a lot of teaching, and for that I use my “diesel-fins” – Omer “Eagleray”. They are very durable, and it is ok for me to jump around, to adjust the clients masks/spearguns, stand on the stony bottom, and so on, without having to worry about them getting smashed.

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