– SPEARFISHING at dykkerbutikken.dk

Whenever you want to jump in the ocean, with the purpose of catching or shooting something to eat, I suggest that you take a lesson or two, from someone who knows how to. There are a few, but very important steps, that will instantly make you a better hunter/gatherer. All over the world, you should be able to find a decent dive-school or shop, where you can learn these first important steps. At dykkerbutikken.dk, situated near Aarhus (DK), we are a handful of teachers, ready to do just that. Here you can buy the full package – all the gear you need + at least 4 hours of proper instructions, at the location, on how to find and shoot/collect the fish/lobster/oysters/shellfish/seaweed/!! you want.

A few pictures from some of the trips:

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