SPECIES in Denmark II – the pelagic

We have a number of pelagic species in Denmark – the ones primarily hunted are; Cod, Pollock, Sea trout, Sea bass and Mullet. Besides those, there is a bunch of other species – some are just summer guests, and some are here all year long, but rarely sighted.

Mackerel, Herring, Garfish etc., are all here in season – fun to catch, and good to eat.


One of the very best fish to eat (in my humble opinion). The trout, is not an easy fish to catch – it takes some skills to sneak up upon it … you have to go 100% Ninja – absolute silence, no splashing with the fins, no hard breathing, and no sudden head moves.

You can catch it doing Aspetto/Aguato along piers, behind rocks/stones, or by sneaking in the surface, in very shallow water – not more than 50cm deep – OR, you can go out at night time, and try to catch it, with the Fishloop (have a look HERE). You can use the Fishloop at daytime, as long as you are in Ninja-mode.


The Cod, is found almost anywhere in Denmark – on/in piers or on reefs. You want to go places with a lot of current.

But in some parts of the country, you have to go by boat to get them. I have a small 14ft Dinghy, that is fine for shorter trips – but for the long haul I prefer a Rib. The local club “Kattegatdykkerne” have such one, and besides that, I’m fortunate to be invited on a trip, on a regular basis.

When you go by boat, it is very common to hunt on wrecks. The narrow water passages of Denmark, is filled with wrecks. A lot of them are on depths, that are possible to get to by free diving.

The Cod hides from seals, in caves and cracks – so this is where you want to look. Bring a flash light, and a short speargun with a reel.


This is primarily a summer guest – BUT – I have caught Sea bass in every month of the year (at Djursland – where I reside). It is my favorit fish to cook – on the grill – in the oven – over a bonfire … you name it, it just taste sooooo insanely good.

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