Here we go … pictures and stories from my life with spearfishing

Early days of spearfishing (1986)

I am a drummer from Denmark – besides hitting things for a living, I also do a lot of spearfishing. I am quite a lone wolf, when it comes to spearfishing – but I do occasionally enjoy a trip with a good friend or two. 

Besides diving om my own, I am an spearfishing-instructor at A well renowned dive shop, based in Aabyhoej, near Aarhus – Denmark.

I also I have the opportunity to combine, at least, two of my skills – sound editing, and spearfishing. Morten Rosenvold Villadsen, is the host of the very popular podcast, “UVpodcast” – all about spearfishing and free diving. I do the sound editing of the podcasts. The podcast is in Danish, but you can browse pictures and videos from each episode, on the mainsite.


About to jump in – Morocco (1989)

I’m not posting all my catches here, but only when I feel it could be fun to do so 🙂 All photos are by me, unless otherwise mentioned. Use the navigation at the side of this page to skip forward or backward in time. So, here we go…


    August 24, 2019 by

    Nearly all pictures from my kitchen, features my old trusty cutting board. Nearly all the fish i catch, end up here. The board was a Christmas gift from my Dad, given to me many years ago. It was originally a… Read more

  • SPECIES in Denmark II – the pelagic

    November 10, 2019 by

    We have a number of pelagic species in Denmark – the ones primarily hunted are; Cod, Pollock, Sea trout, Sea bass and Mullet. Besides those, there is a bunch of other species – some are just summer guests, and some… Read more

  • SPECIES in Denmark – the flat ones

    November 9, 2019 by

    THE ONES WE HUNT We have a lot of different species of fish and shellfish in the sea surrounding Denmark. Far west, we have the North sea – with high salinity, this is where the overall quality of the fish… Read more

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